July 2021


For the love of words

Sacred holistic arts Poetry contest 2021 Raising the vibration of humanity We are collaborating with community to create an anthology. This will be a fundraiser for scholarships and projects. Submit up to 10 poems, you will maintain rights. Sacredholisticarts@gmail.com Make sure to like, share, subscribe to Sacredholisticarts on wordpress and facebook.

July 27, 2021

Watch “River yoga” on YouTube

I love the idea yoga can be done anywhere. Its about synching your mind body and soul together. As parents we don’t always get free studio time so our practice is done everywhere and anywhere. That is ok. You are finding balance in the mundane that rules our lives, strength out of repetition while teaching your kids a normal that involves holistic living

July 26, 2021

Navigating time

Sometimes things just are the way they are. Knowing when to hold on, let go and move forward are so important. Don’t underestimate this valuable ability to navigate time. These are my too ten pics from this load. Lots going in so i can accomplish trippy zen falls. #pottersofinstagram #pottery #potterhead #sculpting #glazing #sacredholisticarts #crowningshield https://www.instagram.com/p/CRwLCncLAXG/?utm_medium=share_sheet

July 25, 2021

Poetry competition

Submit up to 10 of your favorite poems and short stories by August 8th 2021 Lions Gate. The theme is raising the vibrations of humanity. Submit them to Sacred Holistic Arts on Facebook @Tribal_gypsy on Instagram or Sacredholisticarts@gmail.com…Make sure to like and subscribe! 

July 23, 2021

Watch “Afternoon summer yoga” on YouTube

Afternoon yoga Each moment we give ourselves to refresh restore and flush our body of toxins. Stretching our boundaries so we can feel the flush of blood rushing in and healing. This helps our bodies to adapt to movement while staying strong and flexible.. We are a non profit looking to continue growing and sharing art and health. Our goal is to have a place big enough to share our world to those that need it in more ways than we already do Paypal.me/Sacredholisticarts ❤

July 22, 2021