Friday throw down

https://fb.watch/jknxwy64OF/?mibextid=RUbZ1f What are you working on these days? Are you trying to progress in life and your work and what you stand for? Answer me this… what is riddling you in life? The one goal you want to master? . Are you trying to perfect anything in life and hearts and love. What have you done to connect with the Earth and all of her glorious elements? Me? I’m working on poetry, pottery and dance. Yoga for health and flexibility. It seems like these days there’s a never ending amount of stuff to workcomma accomma and master. I think that’s...

March 17, 2023

Create with reckless abandon

https://www.facebook.com/reel/740126041050814?sfnsn=mo&s=F5x8gs&fs=e&mibextid=6AJuK9 It’s life full of wonder and the small accomplishments that keep us progressing and evolving. It’s that never-ending curiosity has us going in a forward direction and seeing exactly how far we can go. When you build holistic integrative endurance, you can go farther than you can dream. We want to help build that in the people we meet. Nurture that energy so it can grow and you can thrive. We take on naturual born learners who are curious about life. Internships available, volunteers always needed, barter encouraged, sliding scale fee always

February 16, 2023

Freaking fun

When ig synchronizes your work to Jimmy. F!@#$ yasssss. G’morning loves. Got my cuddles in heading back to the cave to work on the website, organize stock, and check for damaged pieces that need love after that last show that destroyed a bunch of work 🙁 . Preparing for the new year. Website is being updated, new prices,new work. 24k Gold glazed goodness ✨️ http://Www.sacredholisticarts.art #working #potter #potteryforthepeople #POTTERY #pottery #ceramics #Gold #grateful #Newyear #sacredholisticarts #crowningshield #refresh #renew #renovate #organize #fundraise #nonprofit #goals #dreams #art #artdrive #artist #artlife https://www.instagram.com/reel/CnCUWe8DcyG/?igshid=MDJmNzVkMjY=

January 5, 2023


We have been asked to participate in this adventure + dcf residential +salvation armyWe need to make at least 465 ceramic art kits.As well as festival of the trees 🙋‍♂️🙋‍♀️🙋We need volunteers to help make ornaments We also need resources to pack bags and bag packers in December Please consider supporting forever arts and pottery for the people by donating money, donating supplies or purchasing any of the supplies on the wishlist which go directly to helping the holiday causes (I can write an non profit official donation letter for your taxes) Thank you lovesMay the art be Forever in...

November 2, 2022

Loving non profit life

What can I say about this adventure? I finally lived out My dream of being a carnie!!! Thank you Franklin county fair for having us. @fcagfair wre had so much fun!!! We brought the dirt! We brought the ornaments to paint. We had people making to take and people making to donate. It was beyond awesome!!! So many people got to play with clay for the first time and that brings (me and them) so much joy. The Moon was at its peak enlightenment making every night as magical as possible. I got to sleep as close to my father...

September 13, 2022

Pottery for the people

https://www.recorder.com/Rotary-Kiwanis-clubs-donate-$20K-to-nonprofits-through-Festival-of-Trees-proceeds-45730913 Last year we were able to donate 700 one of a kind ornaments and art kits to different programs and schools. We gave away a dozen scholarships. This year we have help!! The festival of the trees sponsored through the kiwanees club has donated money to support this project. We are able to take on volunteers of all ages to come help us make ornaments to donate and share. It comes with a basic slab rolling free lesson on getting dirty!!! Kids can take some back to their classrooms to share. We are so grateful for this opportunity to...

April 20, 2022


I am beyond elated to announce we are the recipients for the festival of the tree’s grant for ‘Pottery for the people’ 🙌🙏🦋🌻❤🌻🦋🙏🙌 I feel like all our hard work on forever arts is paying off. With that said we need volunteers to help make ornaments to gift. Last year we put 700 one of a kind ornaments into hands. This year we want to donate 1000!!! Or more!!! Please help Pm. Me to set up a time to come play with clay. Learn the basics and make ornaments to give away… Text 413 325 5746 (volunteer opportunities )

March 21, 2022

Do what you love

Always in perpetual motion even if we are going nowhere. Might as well take care of that divine vessel of yours and live life to the fullest. No one else can do that besides you. Keep moving forward, growing, learning thriving no matter what. Life was meant to hold us back and make us part of the machine. Utilize is to heal and move forward to get stuck. The harder you work the more stuck u get in a lack mentality. Find joy, create joy, be joy, support joy with your mind body and soul. Www.sacredholisticarts.art

February 7, 2022

730 ornaments gifted in many hands over the past year. 100 gift bags ready for the toy drive. Super excited to share the love. Big huge thanks to the many hands that made this possible. Anytime anyone wants to come help make ornaments pm me. This is a huge undertaken!!! Thank you for all the donations. Every $20. Can potentially make 50 ornaments. Blessed with grants thank you #walmartgives for supporting our non profit #holidayseason #ceramicarts #ceramicartsdaily #love #pottery #potterysavedmylife #potterheads #nonprofit https://www.instagram.com/tribal_gypsy/p/CXvp3EtrUY1/?utm_medium=share_sheet

December 22, 2021