September 2021



I live for creating its what i love to do.. What gives me joy is teaching others about what i love. Giving others a piece of my blood sweat and tears. Sometimes its literally. My pottery has my fingerprint, my dna, my soul yearning forever. Feel free to stop by our online shop and check out the goods. All proceeds go towards scholarships fir people who need clay therapy. As always if you feel inclined we appreciate donations for the love of creativity.

September 21, 2021

Skull and roses pieces

So much time and attention. I dont even realize until i cant anymore…18 hours into carving and sculpting roses . I love clay and the infinite possibilities. This is a candleholder, stash jar, pipe I just cant help myself. It happened and wanted too. Pray with me this makes it through the kiln🙏 check out the video link for the updated version michelle crowningshield

September 12, 2021

Finding your connection

I found a connection to the divine source of inspiration. Its where i find the most peace. You can call that connection anything; God, Goddess, universe whatever… Just call it. Tune in, turn it on and let it flow. I have been carving reliefs in this one piece 18 hours into it. Its a pipe in the hat. A candle holder, stash jar inside the skull and rolling tray… All made with full moon water Now i have to pray it survives the kiln🙏❤💥

September 11, 2021

Watch “Sacred Nectar Sanctuary yoga” on YouTube

This was filmed at a very special sacred nectar sanctuary in Nh. I was so excited to be there and learn what it takes to maintain and share a sanctuary with the rest of the world. Well, as we drove to our secluded camp site a mile down a dirt road with numerous paths in different directions i fell into the synch of being. Absolutely gracious experience. What is the take away for our business plan… Keep planning. Buy land big enough to escape and far enough away from others that children can be children without being hushed in the...

September 6, 2021