This was filmed at a very special sacred nectar sanctuary in Nh. I was so excited to be there and learn what it takes to maintain and share a sanctuary with the rest of the world. Well, as we drove to our secluded camp site a mile down a dirt road with numerous paths in different directions i fell into the synch of being. Absolutely gracious experience.

What is the take away for our business plan… Keep planning. Buy land big enough to escape and far enough away from others that children can be children without being hushed in the middle of the woods. The simplistic magic of being. There’s the sweet element of servitude with a mastermind of perseverance and ecologically focused. You can find them on hip camp

Keep going, keep building community that can be a safe harbor for others in chaos. A place to smile and breathe. A csa and sustainable practices. Our place will also focus on art and pottery of course. Keep fundraising because this is worth striving for and even more worth attaining

Feel free to help us reach our goals of creating a safe art and healing space

A place of solace

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