Poetry and art contest

We are holding our second poetry and art contest!!! We are smitten with our first book and what our future holds for the second!!! Send up too 20 pages of poetry, short stories and art to by lions gate August 20,2022 (or send an inquiry after that date to see if we are still looking for the right fit) our new anthology is to be titled ‘Evolutionary spirits‘ Our first book if you would like to check it out… Sacred Holistic Arts anthology

July 26, 2022

Yoga warrior

No matter how much pain i am in i must move forward. Sometimes its a slow crawl other times its a wonderful adventure that i can escape too. With everything going on in the world its easy to het caught up and forget self care. Taking care of self brings the endurance to survive and thrive The link below is a competition that is a fundraiser for veterans. If we win we will be able to start our adventure family yoga programs, down payment on land or a studio which will allow us to care for more community.

March 27, 2022

Watch “Sacred Nectar Sanctuary yoga” on YouTube

This was filmed at a very special sacred nectar sanctuary in Nh. I was so excited to be there and learn what it takes to maintain and share a sanctuary with the rest of the world. Well, as we drove to our secluded camp site a mile down a dirt road with numerous paths in different directions i fell into the synch of being. Absolutely gracious experience. What is the take away for our business plan… Keep planning. Buy land big enough to escape and far enough away from others that children can be children without being hushed in the...

September 6, 2021

Watch “River yoga” on YouTube

I love the idea yoga can be done anywhere. Its about synching your mind body and soul together. As parents we don’t always get free studio time so our practice is done everywhere and anywhere. That is ok. You are finding balance in the mundane that rules our lives, strength out of repetition while teaching your kids a normal that involves holistic living

July 26, 2021

Watch “Afternoon summer yoga” on YouTube

Afternoon yoga Each moment we give ourselves to refresh restore and flush our body of toxins. Stretching our boundaries so we can feel the flush of blood rushing in and healing. This helps our bodies to adapt to movement while staying strong and flexible.. We are a non profit looking to continue growing and sharing art and health. Our goal is to have a place big enough to share our world to those that need it in more ways than we already do ❤

July 22, 2021

Watch “Divine soap” on YouTube

One of our loves is making small batches of oils and soaps according to what is in season. Typically infused with essential yumminess , greens and luxurious supplies. Feel free to contact us to discover a personally blended soap according to your needs this season.

July 19, 2021