October 2021


In the works

Finding the balance between work, creative pursuits, love and life are always in a constant state of transition. The instability of these times are frightening don’t forget to find time to be active and nurture our body too! We are not perfect creatures of balance. We can only feed one of these things at a time. Live in the now. Be present. Be your unique divinely guided self. Don’t strive for perfection strive to feed your soul while taking steps for your future. With that said… We are working on short term goals and long term goals. Short term is...

October 29, 2021

Watch “Sacred Nectar Sanctuary yoga” on YouTube

One of my very favorite times this summer trying to get a glow between calls and kids while camping at this very sacred sanctuary in new hampshire. They are doing all the things we want to do. Times are super challenging and as a mom so very hard to find an hour a day to do yoga, to find a flow, to take time for just meeeeee. What about me? As a single mom its so freaking hard. I suggest finding yoga in everyday activities. Squatting while doing dishes or laundry. Breathing while in line. Om while kids scream. Some...

October 21, 2021

Some Day’s we drag ourselves through the mud with wrong choices and right decisions. The beautiful chaos that gets pushed out of the way to make way for love. We live in a world that is refered to as a matrix or reality but no one really knows what is going on or how we get to where we want to go. The more you crave peace away from drama the more drama knocks down your Fucking door like the Gestapo. The more we try and find balance the more the universe comes to knock us of our feet. No...

October 4, 2021