Some Day’s we drag ourselves through the mud with wrong choices and right decisions. The beautiful chaos that gets pushed out of the way to make way for love.

We live in a world that is refered to as a matrix or reality but no one really knows what is going on or how we get to where we want to go. The more you crave peace away from drama the more drama knocks down your Fucking door like the Gestapo.

The more we try and find balance the more the universe comes to knock us of our feet. No rhyme, no reason other than this is another season if your life and you have to make do with the scattered hearts the whispering wind blew away with the last of lies.

While the earth quakes and my heart shakes the last lingering feelings from its shattered reality we can only find freedom and solace in what we create.

I don’t have an antidote. I dont have a cure. I find me picking myself up once more. Just when i thought i had it all figured out…

All I know is I want to create a sanctuary now more than ever. A new earth community full of healing hearts and hands. I am without trust , without love, without the life ive always wanted surrendering once again to the wills of everyone around me. Those that hurt me worse than i have ever been hurt before. I cant escape unto my lovers arms. Not yet … Just keep making one right choice at a time

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