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Creator mode

What defines a creator? Is it how they have? Is it the likes ? How many people respond to your content. Is it your annual sales, or Is it how many people compliment your work as they walk by? The answer is don’t let anyone or thing, especially social media, define you. You are a creator if you create… I posted this video Because I love showing the work that I spend so much time on. I never know exactly what it is that’s gonna get the likes or the response. It seems that my IG is permanently on shadow...

February 11, 2023

Freaking fun

When ig synchronizes your work to Jimmy. F!@#$ yasssss. G’morning loves. Got my cuddles in heading back to the cave to work on the website, organize stock, and check for damaged pieces that need love after that last show that destroyed a bunch of work 🙁 . Preparing for the new year. Website is being updated, new prices,new work. 24k Gold glazed goodness ✨️ #working #potter #potteryforthepeople #POTTERY #pottery #ceramics #Gold #grateful #Newyear #sacredholisticarts #crowningshield #refresh #renew #renovate #organize #fundraise #nonprofit #goals #dreams #art #artdrive #artist #artlife

January 5, 2023

Poetry and art contest

We are holding our second poetry and art contest!!! We are smitten with our first book and what our future holds for the second!!! Send up too 20 pages of poetry, short stories and art to by lions gate August 20,2022 (or send an inquiry after that date to see if we are still looking for the right fit) our new anthology is to be titled ‘Evolutionary spirits‘ Our first book if you would like to check it out… Sacred Holistic Arts anthology

July 26, 2022

Belly dance

June 15/22 630-8 Feel the ecstasy of music that moves you a yoga and  tribal fusion workshop This is a beginners class we will dance with your divine feminine in this yoga tribal fusion belly dance workshop. Learn to transmute your pain into the pleasure of dancing with abandon. Moving through the obstacles of your body to discover your sensuality in movement through isolations and drills. By building strength and discovering the boundaries of flexibility we will discover movement is medicine healing art Must sign up ahead of time 1 class $15 all 3 for $45 Manifesting my dreams...

June 11, 2022

Yoga warrior

No matter how much pain i am in i must move forward. Sometimes its a slow crawl other times its a wonderful adventure that i can escape too. With everything going on in the world its easy to het caught up and forget self care. Taking care of self brings the endurance to survive and thrive The link below is a competition that is a fundraiser for veterans. If we win we will be able to start our adventure family yoga programs, down payment on land or a studio which will allow us to care for more community.

March 27, 2022

Dreams coming true

One day you wake up and one of your dreams has come true. Today was that day for me. We have finally received our first shipment of books. I am so excited to be able to present these books. They are full of gorgeous art, words and some divine connections. So grateful for the artist’s in my life; a forever source of inspiration raising the vibration of humanity with the work we do do

February 24, 2022

Do what you love

Always in perpetual motion even if we are going nowhere. Might as well take care of that divine vessel of yours and live life to the fullest. No one else can do that besides you. Keep moving forward, growing, learning thriving no matter what. Life was meant to hold us back and make us part of the machine. Utilize is to heal and move forward to get stuck. The harder you work the more stuck u get in a lack mentality. Find joy, create joy, be joy, support joy with your mind body and soul.

February 7, 2022

Check this out on Amazon

Sacred Holistic Arts Anthology: Raising the vibration of humanity So excited to announce the winners of the poetry contest in this book. Amber Morgaine Bougie, Kara Lynne, Vickie Hutchinson, Brandon Eckert, Corrine De Winter, Ixchelielle, Chris Raven, Ocean moon, Nando and Karine…Big huge thanks to everyone, artists, writers and our editors Sara yatzi and Aviwe

January 20, 2022