What defines a creator? Is it how they have? Is it the likes ? How many people respond to your content. Is it your annual sales, or Is it how many people compliment your work as they walk by? The answer is don’t let anyone or thing, especially social media, define you. You are a creator if you create…

I posted this video Because I love showing the work that I spend so much time on. I never know exactly what it is that’s gonna get the likes or the response. It seems that my IG is permanently on shadow band for women’s race human rights I went from 4000 views to 5 in a week. This week Facebook against you know 2.9 views but no last week it was only 200 to let social media define who you are and what your work is. You just keep creating and evolving and seeing where things can go. Mean you are welcome to spend your days mass producing if that’s what you choose. But I don’t. I just keep growing, evolving I’m creating.

Follow your inspiration in this one precious life

much love…


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