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Creator mode

What defines a creator? Is it how they have? Is it the likes ? How many people respond to your content. Is it your annual sales, or Is it how many people compliment your work as they walk by? The answer is don’t let anyone or thing, especially social media, define you. You are a creator if you create… I posted this video Because I love showing the work that I spend so much time on. I never know exactly what it is that’s gonna get the likes or the response. It seems that my IG is permanently on shadow...

February 11, 2023


We have been asked to participate in this adventure + dcf residential +salvation armyWe need to make at least 465 ceramic art kits.As well as festival of the trees 🙋‍♂️🙋‍♀️🙋We need volunteers to help make ornaments We also need resources to pack bags and bag packers in December Please consider supporting forever arts and pottery for the people by donating money, donating supplies or purchasing any of the supplies on the wishlist which go directly to helping the holiday causes (I can write an non profit official donation letter for your taxes) Thank you lovesMay the art be Forever in...

November 2, 2022

Loving non profit life

What can I say about this adventure? I finally lived out My dream of being a carnie!!! Thank you Franklin county fair for having us. @fcagfair wre had so much fun!!! We brought the dirt! We brought the ornaments to paint. We had people making to take and people making to donate. It was beyond awesome!!! So many people got to play with clay for the first time and that brings (me and them) so much joy. The Moon was at its peak enlightenment making every night as magical as possible. I got to sleep as close to my father...

September 13, 2022

Poetry bombs

Ready to gift a thousand more poems from our 2022 book (2000 total this year) ‘ Raising the vibration of humanity’ https://sacredholisticarts.art/product/sacred-holistic-arts-anthology/ Its a simple joy, connecting with people and handing them a poem. Some people have never been given a poem before. Most find it a tool of divination and find the message perfectly suited for them. I love hearing the words I wrote being read by other people and it fuels my passion. We write, copy, cut glue and staple our business cards on the back. Each one unique and different. From this book we have included other...

September 6, 2022

Rest in paradise

https://m.facebook.com/story.php?story_fbid=pfbid02Xw77QojksThQp51H4Yq1X3M9saZB8HZjiopxwYd6626RHBmusQ4iWH6seK7W2xv8l&id=1191854811&sfnsn=mo&extid=a&mibextid=7htlnv CORRINE DE WINTER REST IN PARADISE DARLIN. This book, these words are dedicated to you divine woman. Sweet and soulful the world was an open playground for you to explore between veils. You embodied evolutionary spirits energy above and beyond with every phenomenal insight you shared, every word you spoke and every poem you wrote. So blessed for our time together. You brought me piece of mind like no one else could mystical enchantress of the night.  I hope your heart and soul were set free from any pain and suffering as you dance with the dead.   A...

August 25, 2022

Poetry and art contest

We are holding our second poetry and art contest!!! We are smitten with our first book and what our future holds for the second!!! Send up too 20 pages of poetry, short stories and art to sacredholisticarts@gmail.com by lions gate August 20,2022 (or send an inquiry after that date to see if we are still looking for the right fit) our new anthology is to be titled ‘Evolutionary spirits‘ Our first book if you would like to check it out… Sacred Holistic Arts anthology

July 26, 2022

Poetry and art contest

We are opening up our contest for writers and artist for our 2023 anthology for Sacred Holistic arts 2nd book. Our first was such a success full of amazing arts we are excited to do it again!!! Please send up too 10 poems and 10 pictures of art to sacredholisticarts@gmail.com by August 8, 2022 to be considered for our upcoming anthology. Sacred Holistic Arts anthology

July 5, 2022

Pottery for the people

https://www.recorder.com/Rotary-Kiwanis-clubs-donate-$20K-to-nonprofits-through-Festival-of-Trees-proceeds-45730913 Last year we were able to donate 700 one of a kind ornaments and art kits to different programs and schools. We gave away a dozen scholarships. This year we have help!! The festival of the trees sponsored through the kiwanees club has donated money to support this project. We are able to take on volunteers of all ages to come help us make ornaments to donate and share. It comes with a basic slab rolling free lesson on getting dirty!!! Kids can take some back to their classrooms to share. We are so grateful for this opportunity to...

April 20, 2022


I am beyond elated to announce we are the recipients for the festival of the tree’s grant for ‘Pottery for the people’ 🙌🙏🦋🌻❤🌻🦋🙏🙌 I feel like all our hard work on forever arts is paying off. With that said we need volunteers to help make ornaments to gift. Last year we put 700 one of a kind ornaments into hands. This year we want to donate 1000!!! Or more!!! Please help Pm. Me to set up a time to come play with clay. Learn the basics and make ornaments to give away… Text 413 325 5746 (volunteer opportunities )

March 21, 2022

Dreams coming true

One day you wake up and one of your dreams has come true. Today was that day for me. We have finally received our first shipment of books. I am so excited to be able to present these books. They are full of gorgeous art, words and some divine connections. So grateful for the artist’s in my life; a forever source of inspiration raising the vibration of humanity with the work we do do

February 24, 2022