What can I say about this adventure? I finally lived out My dream of being a carnie!!! Thank you Franklin county fair for having us. @fcagfair wre had so much fun!!! We brought the dirt! We brought the ornaments to paint. We had people making to take and people making to donate. It was beyond awesome!!! So many people got to play with clay for the first time and that brings (me and them) so much joy. The Moon was at its peak enlightenment making every night as magical as possible. I got to sleep as close to my father as I have ever been that was special. I did demos on the wheel for at least 20 hours… It took a team thank you @mamaluv.321 and @crowningshieldhutchinson for all the help it couldn’t happen without you. Big huge thank you to our sponsors @festivalofthetrees and all of our donors. You make it happen #fair #create #ceramics #collaboration #ornaments #handmade #handmadeornaments #sacredholisticarts #sacredarts #franklincountyfair #greenfield #nonprofit #nonprofitorganization #feedyoursoul #pottery #potteryforthepeople https://www.instagram.com/p/Cice_qsubrI/?igshid=MDJmNzVkMjY=

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