April 2023


Long lost art

Long Lost art of ceramics Has been something that I always chased. That feeling That will last forever. Something that you can share with your favorite person We buy these random little pieces and decorate it with our kids or For ourselves to put on a shelf or alter. To personalize something special. There is so much more to come. Lots to share and be grateful for. https://m.facebook.com/story.php?story_fbid=pfbid0bvyp2frwtmjSgxRKrHkGPnQLhcWxXUysrQWZhHc13wxsn6qhgpWJu9qwUiVHHPh4l&id=100063539083479&sfnsn=mo&mibextid=6aamW6

April 11, 2023


So we did a thing… Bought out a ceramics studio worth of stuff with our cultural council grant. 4 and a half truck loads of supplies, greenware,  and bisque packed and incorporated into what we can offer. It will take awhile to go through and organized. I got the kiln loaded ready to fire tonight. So super excited. This is how I started when I was a kid. Infinite possibilities. Big huge thank you to our board members for helping Bobbie Leigh Davis-Bane  Crystal Harvey and Daniel Ochoa Roland Gregoire for all of your hard work!!! Below we have some...

April 3, 2023