April 2022


Getting out there

One of the hardest things to do is get moving after you have been stagnate for awhile. Weather you have fallen on hard times, a pandemic, injuries finding the energy to recreate a momentum can be daunting Yet we found energy to move forward . we found the energy to show up and present ourselves to a crowed and make shit happen. You always have a choice. Stay stuck and disconnected from source or you can find that divine connections and move forward. Setting yourself free. Thank you Mass grass

April 29, 2022

Pottery for the people

https://www.recorder.com/Rotary-Kiwanis-clubs-donate-$20K-to-nonprofits-through-Festival-of-Trees-proceeds-45730913 Last year we were able to donate 700 one of a kind ornaments and art kits to different programs and schools. We gave away a dozen scholarships. This year we have help!! The festival of the trees sponsored through the kiwanees club has donated money to support this project. We are able to take on volunteers of all ages to come help us make ornaments to donate and share. It comes with a basic slab rolling free lesson on getting dirty!!! Kids can take some back to their classrooms to share. We are so grateful for this opportunity to...

April 20, 2022