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Festival of the trees

The story of our tree of life that we created for festival of the trees.  We were honored to receive a grant from festival of the trees.  Sacred holistic arts is a small nonprofit based in Greenfield we are a tribe of visionary artists who do what we can to raise the vibration of humanity by doing what we love.  We took our grant and bought 500 pounds of clay with unlimited potential. We created hundreds of one-of-a-kind ornaments and we took them to fairs and festivals all over the northeast. We set up a table and let people paint...

November 19, 2022

Poetry and art contest

We are holding our second poetry and art contest!!! We are smitten with our first book and what our future holds for the second!!! Send up too 20 pages of poetry, short stories and art to by lions gate August 20,2022 (or send an inquiry after that date to see if we are still looking for the right fit) our new anthology is to be titled ‘Evolutionary spirits‘ Our first book if you would like to check it out… Sacred Holistic Arts anthology

July 26, 2022

Friday throw down What are you working on these days? Are you trying to progress in life and your work and what you stand for? Answer me this… what is riddling you in life? The one goal you want to master? . Are you trying to perfect anything in life and hearts and love. What have you done to connect with the Earth and all of her glorious elements? Me? I’m working on poetry, pottery and dance. Yoga for health and flexibility. It seems like these days there’s a never ending amount of stuff to workcomma accomma and master. I think that’s...

March 17, 2023

Create with reckless abandon It’s life full of wonder and the small accomplishments that keep us progressing and evolving. It’s that never-ending curiosity has us going in a forward direction and seeing exactly how far we can go. When you build holistic integrative endurance, you can go farther than you can dream. We want to help build that in the people we meet. Nurture that energy so it can grow and you can thrive. We take on naturual born learners who are curious about life. Internships available, volunteers always needed, barter encouraged, sliding scale fee always

February 16, 2023

Creator mode

What defines a creator? Is it how they have? Is it the likes ? How many people respond to your content. Is it your annual sales, or Is it how many people compliment your work as they walk by? The answer is don’t let anyone or thing, especially social media, define you. You are a creator if you create… I posted this video Because I love showing the work that I spend so much time on. I never know exactly what it is that’s gonna get the likes or the response. It seems that my IG is permanently on shadow...

February 11, 2023

Freaking fun

When ig synchronizes your work to Jimmy. F!@#$ yasssss. G’morning loves. Got my cuddles in heading back to the cave to work on the website, organize stock, and check for damaged pieces that need love after that last show that destroyed a bunch of work 🙁 . Preparing for the new year. Website is being updated, new prices,new work. 24k Gold glazed goodness ✨️ #working #potter #potteryforthepeople #POTTERY #pottery #ceramics #Gold #grateful #Newyear #sacredholisticarts #crowningshield #refresh #renew #renovate #organize #fundraise #nonprofit #goals #dreams #art #artdrive #artist #artlife

January 5, 2023


We have been asked to participate in this adventure + dcf residential +salvation armyWe need to make at least 465 ceramic art kits.As well as festival of the trees 🙋‍♂️🙋‍♀️🙋We need volunteers to help make ornaments We also need resources to pack bags and bag packers in December Please consider supporting forever arts and pottery for the people by donating money, donating supplies or purchasing any of the supplies on the wishlist which go directly to helping the holiday causes (I can write an non profit official donation letter for your taxes) Thank you lovesMay the art be Forever in...

November 2, 2022

Loving non profit life

What can I say about this adventure? I finally lived out My dream of being a carnie!!! Thank you Franklin county fair for having us. @fcagfair wre had so much fun!!! We brought the dirt! We brought the ornaments to paint. We had people making to take and people making to donate. It was beyond awesome!!! So many people got to play with clay for the first time and that brings (me and them) so much joy. The Moon was at its peak enlightenment making every night as magical as possible. I got to sleep as close to my father...

September 13, 2022