The story of our tree of life that we created for festival of the trees.  We were honored to receive a grant from festival of the trees.  Sacred holistic arts is a small nonprofit based in Greenfield we are a tribe of visionary artists who do what we can to raise the vibration of humanity by doing what we love.

 We took our grant and bought 500 pounds of clay with unlimited potential. We created hundreds of one-of-a-kind ornaments and we took them to fairs and festivals all over the northeast. We set up a table and let people paint their only rules were;  they could paint as many as they wanted but they could only keep one and had to give away the rest away. Some ended up donating back to the nonprofit so we could decorate our studio and our tree to be inspired to make more. So the ornaments that adorn your tree were created by many hands. We have volunteers to make the ornaments and we had volunteers to decorate the ornaments. IT’S a beautiful full circle.

Right now we are gearing up in the studio our goal is to make 450 one of a kind ornament art kits: 350 we’ve been asked to donate to the foster kids of western mass and 15 are going to a residential program in East Hampton and 100 we want to  gift to Salvation Army as we did 150 last year. As well as schools and programs. After getting the opportunity to see so many people have so much fun with ceramics because of our pottery for the people program it has been an absolute inspiration and honor to show people the empowerment of forever arts of pottery.

 We want to thank everybody who helped us who donated time money an effort because it takes a community to raise a child and a child to inspire a community.

You can find us on Facebook and Instagram under evolutionary_spirits

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