This is the second anthology that we have put into the world consisting of art and poetry from wonderful beings who embody work to make the world around them better than the way we found it, Evolutionary Spirits.

We have within these pages a revolution of soul in the healing journey. We are so grateful to all of our contributors and contest winners.

Sacred Holistic arts is a non- profit whose mission is to help raise the vibration of humanity by doing what we do best.

Our book is dedicated to the life and love of Corrine De Winter, Julia Butterfly Hill, Michelle Crowningshield, Kara Lynne, Jason Seery, Anna Coburn, Shaken not stirred, Kevin Sabourin, Mike Souza, Chris Finch, Sarah Olari, Our artist who included their works; Zaroma Crowningshield , Timeless Bryan, Lorraine Crolla Mychajuk , Corey Gleisberg.

All proceeds go towards our non- profit programs. Thank you. To purchase: (all proceeds go towards our art , ceramic scholarships, and holistic services.

Evolutionary Spirits

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