Finding the balance between work, creative pursuits, love and life are always in a constant state of transition. The instability of these times are frightening don’t forget to find time to be active and nurture our body too!

We are not perfect creatures of balance. We can only feed one of these things at a time. Live in the now. Be present. Be your unique divinely guided self. Don’t strive for perfection strive to feed your soul while taking steps for your future.

With that said… We are working on short term goals and long term goals. Short term is nurturing those who need clay therapy, those in recovery from trauma. We are also plotting and business planning a place to create a safe space to heal and create, a home for sacred holistic arts.

Please check out our fundraising products and creations that are on sale now until the end of december. All proceeds go towards our goals.

Love and light in all of creation

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