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October 2022

Program and class possibilities


Meditation and mindfulness classes

Using a combination of kundalini yoga isolations (belly dance)

In our mindfulness meditation groups we will start out by checking in with each member of the group. To create a safe community.


We will embrace the time centering our bodies and aligning our posture. I’ll lead us through a deep cleansing of our being and illuminate our chakras through intention mastering our breath

We will then learn some chants to quiet our mind. From basic to a few more complex one. Not only do these  connect us the the universe it activates our vegus system and calms our nervous system. Easy to learn easy to teach and a skill that can be used in stressful situations to calm nervous and keep cortisol levels and flight or fight hormones within control.

After finding our center we will slowly move our bodies through a series of exercises synching our breath to the movement and meditation. This is a form of kundalini yoga where we breath life into each body part. When any trauma happens to us it becomes stored in our body. Stuck in our cells and need to be released or it can cause dis-ease, knots, or injury. Using a combination of modalities such as kundalini yoga and isolations (from belly dance) we can re-teach that muscle memory it is now safe to thrive

The end we will close out laying in a chavasana pose where we relax our body and all of its parts through a guided meditation 


 My certificate is from bhakti yogashala and yogamu kundalini. I have won awards and competitions for advanced yoga

My practice and teaching start with a check in to find out what the students need to work on and their level of knowledge and ability. From there we work on a flow of poses that will align, restore, heal and advance our practice. We will stretch, strength and synchronize our mind body and spirit each movement I will give directions from beginning to advanced with each pose. Helping those who wish with simple alignment,  tricks and props.







Art and pottery

I have a fine arts degree from g.c.c., apprenticed for a jeweler at 16 and have spent a life time creating.

-Acrylic,  oil, watercolors painting

-drawing with charcoal, pencils, pastels

-collage, manifestation boards, poetry bombs

– poetry

-pottery- hand building, ornaments, wheel

Dream catchers



Collaborative work


Wire wrapping and jewelry

Hand sewing and knitting

Reclaiming furniture




Belly dance tribal fusion


In this class we begin with the fundamentals of the tribal fusion belly dance. The way I teach may differ from others since this is a fusion class we can incorporate many forms of dance, healing modalities and yoga.

I center each class around isolation of movement

What this does is trains you body how to move in a new way it may not be use to. Always slowly, gently and by listening to our body.

From a holistic perspective what we are essential doing is releasing stored traumas in the body and teaching your body it is now safe to form a holistic practice.

We find the edge of your boundaries of who you were and expand to who you can become through movement therapy.

We do not grade, judge or do choreography. We will practice drills, combine isolations and share our favorite moves at the end. Building a foundation with ease and comfort that you can use anywhere to move gracefully (or not!)

Volunteer opportunities for sacred holistic arts

  • Pottery for the people. Last year we made and donated 700 one of a kind ornaments. This year we have been to many fairs and festivals to share our ornaments. We need to make more for our Christmas rush. Free pottery lessons. Can bring set up to the center to work on them or set up appointments to come help.

  • ALWAYS NEED HELP AROUND THE STUDIO especially in January after the Christmas rush