Access to the arts: scholarships, discounts, volunteer programs, barter, trade, internships. Our grants and sponsors

Our goal in this life is to make forever arts available to everyone, not just those that can Afford it.

Card to culture through Mass culture counsil allows individuals who receive dta, wic, housing to get a discount on our programs

Big huge thanks to Greenfield cultural coucil for our grant this year to help our pottery for the people program

We want to give a big huge thank you to all of the community support and love that keeps us going and moving forward. Through grants, donations, sponsorships, internships and volunteers

Big huge thank you to our grants by

Walmart for our multiple years.

Festival of the trees

Oriental trading

Amherst pottery

Mass hire internship

Donations from

Lucky bird in greenfield, Treehouse Brewery, World eye, Goose, CVS,

Wendy Podlenski, Brian, Nicole and Justin, Vickie Hutchinson, Imelda Riley, Erik D’Ambra

Right now we are out of scholarships but we have volunteer and barter programs and sliding scale fees