Mindfullness Meditations

meditation classes for your program. private or group lesson please inquire to Michelle 413 325 5746

💝In our mindfulness meditation groups we will start out by checking in with each member of the group. To create a safe community.

🌈We will embrace the time centering our bodies and aligning our posture. I’ll lead us through a deep cleansing of our being and illuminate our chakras through intention mastering our breath. 

The deep inner work

🌞We will then learn some chants to quiet our mind. From basic to a few more complex one. Not only do these  connect us the the universe it activates our vegus system and calms our nervous system. Easy to learn easy to teach and a skill that can be used in stressfull situations to calm nervous and keep cortisol levels and flight or fight hormones within control.

After finding our center we will slowly move our bodies through a series of exercises synching our breath to the movement and meditation. This is a form of kundalini yoga where we breath life into each body part. When any trauma happens to us it becomes stored in our body. Stuck in our cells and need to be released or it can cause dis-ease, knots, or injury. Using a combination of modalities such as kundalini yoga and isolations (from belly dance) we can re-teach that muscle memory it is now safe to thrive
🌍The end we will close out laying in a chavasana pose where we relax our body and all of its parts through a guided meditation 
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