We take on naturual born learners who are curious about life. Internships available, volunteers always needed, barter encouraged, sliding scale fee always. Yes, we do birthday parties, events, special guests at camp or schools, and shows we can bring our art or ceramics for a paint party, meditation, yoga bellydance…Just call 413-325-5746

Ebt card holders, survivors 1/2 price

This is a fundraiser for our many great things to come.I am absolutely so excited to announce that our new anthology is out! a year in the making, i can not put into words what this book means to me. we have Corrine, who is a dear friend and award winning writer’s last submission. Julia Hill Butterfly’s work she sacrificed 2 years of her life to the redwoods and has deeply inspired me to be a better, more ethical, and environmentally conscious human. I am beyond elated and could gush for hours over each of our artists and writers, but I will say, I am eternally grateful for the opportunity to put this anthology together. Sacred Holistic arts is a non-profit whose mission is to help raise the vibration of humanity by doing what we do best. This is the second anthology that we have put into the world consisting of art and poetry from wonderful beings who embody work to make the world around them better than the way we found it, Evolutionary Spirits. We have within these pages a revolution of soul in the healing journey. We are so grateful to all of our contributors. Our book is dedicated to the life and love of Corrine De Winter, Julia Butterfly Hill, Michelle Crowningshield, Kara Lynne, Jason Seery, Anna Coburn, Shaken not stirred, Kevin Sabourin, Mike Souza, Chris Finch, Sarah Olari, Our artist who included their works; Zaroma Crowningshield , Timeless Bryan, Lorraine Crolla Mychajuk , Corey Gleisberg. All proceeds go towards our non- profit programs. Thank

Here is the link to buy the book and help us on our mission to Raise the vibration of humanity and our second anthology Evolutionary spirits

Evolutionary Spirits

We are editing our second book now. Almost finished. The poetry and art contest for 2024 is open!!! We are smitten with our first book and what our future holds for the second!!! Send up to 20 pages of poetry, short stories, and art to sacredholisticarts@gmail.com . Our new anthology for 2023 will be out by March๐Ÿ™Œ๐Ÿผ

Today, we set up a tree for a fundraiser for local non-profits called festivals of the trees. The story of our tree of life that we created for the festival of the trees.  We were honored to receive a grant from the festival of the trees.  Sacred Holistic Arts is a small nonprofit based in Greenfield. we are a tribe of visionary artists who do what we can to raise the vibration of humanity by doing what we love.
 We took our grant and bought 500 pounds of clay with unlimited potential. We created hundreds of one-of-a-kind ornaments, and we took them to fairs and festivals all over the northeast. We set up a table and let people paint their only rules were;  they could paint as many as they wanted, but they could only keep one and had to give away the rest away. Some ended up donating back to the nonprofit so we could decorate our studio and our tree to be inspired to make more. So, the ornaments that adorn your tree were created by many hands. We have volunteers to make the ornaments, and we had volunteers to decorate the ornaments. ITโ€™S a beautiful full circle.
After getting the opportunity to see so many people have so much fun with ceramics because of our pottery for the people program it has been an absolute inspiration and honor to show people the empowerment of forever arts of pottery.
 We want to thank everybody who helped us who donated time money and effort because it takes a community to raise a child and a child to inspire a community.
You can find us on Facebook and Instagram under evolutionary_spirits

So we did a thing… Bought out a ceramics studio worth of stuff with our cultural council grant. 4 and a half truck loads of supplies, greenware,  and bisque packed and incorporated into what we can offer. It will take awhile to go through and organized. I got the kiln loaded ready to fire tonight. So super excited. This is how I started when I was a kid. Infinite possibilities. Big huge thank you to our board members for helping Bobbie Leigh Davis-Bane,  Crystal Harvey and Daniel Ochoa Roland Gregoire for all of your hard work!!!

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Wrapping up 2022 year in pottery for the people. Big huge thank you to our volunteers : Sarah Olari Wayne Gelineau Amy Putnam Nathan, Kara Lynne , hunter, sari, Crystal Harvey  Erik D’Ambra , Bobbie Leigh Davis-Bane , Roland Gregoire  all the hands at the fair. To our sponsers; Vickie Hutchinson Wendy Podlenski Justin Bergeron Nicole McCorkindale, boo, brian mathews, Christopher Finch , Casey Squibb casey and our granters festival of the trees and walmart



Always new products, always available for custome orders, always available to teach.

New Products

Aviwe our summer intern through Urban initiative helped us make screen for printing! We will have our own merch.
Our donation to the fundraiser RemARCable for the arc. They support people with disabilities so we are happy to support them. THANK YOU TO THE MANY HANDS THAT MADE THIS GIFT especially Sari, Aveway, Michelle and all of our artists in the book. We hope they enjoy
We are always up to creating, teaching others how to. Trading, bartering, or volunteers
Want to come and make your own Magik mug?
The new intergrative holistic therapy room is much loved
Perfect place for realigning
Intense workout happening here
A summer full of adventures and our last good byes
One of our most famous potter’s David working the dremel
Sometimes the things we want to make happen the most allude us. Like a carrot on a string in front of us leading us forward till we gain the wisdom to navigate the journey ourselves. This cup is actually one of those motivations a desire that pulled me from the depths of exploded pottery to realizing what skills i needed to make this design

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