Dreams coming true

One day you wake up and one of your dreams has come true. Today was that day for me. We have finally received our first shipment of books. I am so excited to be able to present these books. They are full of gorgeous art, words and some divine connections. So grateful for the artist’s in my life; a forever source of inspiration raising the vibration of humanity with the work we do do

February 24, 2022

Do what you love

Always in perpetual motion even if we are going nowhere. Might as well take care of that divine vessel of yours and live life to the fullest. No one else can do that besides you. Keep moving forward, growing, learning thriving no matter what. Life was meant to hold us back and make us part of the machine. Utilize is to heal and move forward to get stuck. The harder you work the more stuck u get in a lack mentality. Find joy, create joy, be joy, support joy with your mind body and soul.

February 7, 2022

Check this out on Amazon

Sacred Holistic Arts Anthology: Raising the vibration of humanity So excited to announce the winners of the poetry contest in this book. Amber Morgaine Bougie, Kara Lynne, Vickie Hutchinson, Brandon Eckert, Corrine De Winter, Ixchelielle, Chris Raven, Ocean moon, Nando and Karine…Big huge thanks to everyone, artists, writers and our editors Sara yatzi and Aviwe

January 20, 2022

Watch “River yoga” on YouTube

I love the idea yoga can be done anywhere. Its about synching your mind body and soul together. As parents we don’t always get free studio time so our practice is done everywhere and anywhere. That is ok. You are finding balance in the mundane that rules our lives, strength out of repetition while teaching your kids a normal that involves holistic living

July 26, 2021