What are you working on these days? Are you trying to progress in life and your work and what you stand for? Answer me this… what is riddling you in life? The one goal you want to master? . Are you trying to perfect anything in life and hearts and love. What have you done to connect with the Earth and all of her glorious elements?

Me? I’m working on poetry, pottery and dance. Yoga for health and flexibility. It seems like these days there’s a never ending amount of stuff to workcomma accomma and master. I think that’s why I love the Earth says because it’s never ending you can dieve head 1st into pottery and study it for your whole entire life and there is always gonna be something else to learn.

IN this episode of pottery throw down I am trying to accomplish Plates. I want a wide lip slightly curved up A small base. I get a couple right out of a dozen, a couple natural shaped plates and a couple of Lotus flowers. I am all about whatever Works.

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