It’s like a dream come true when things just work wonderful in all ways. I am feeling absolutely blessed. What a week Unifier Festival is a wrap up. I am beyond grateful for all the help in this mission. Soul refreshing­čĺ× Thank you for sharing your time and energy Heather Laughton Dapper Dan Lisa Betournay ya’all are rockstars­čĺ× we spent the weekend painting ceramics, supporting the young entrapanour spirit (thank you for the paper the kids made art to sell Justin Bergeron and Nicole McCorkindale ) we spent time painting pots filling them with little trees that held the potential of a forest (thank you Bobbie Leigh Davis-Bane and Roland Gregoire roland) saving newts from their demise (thank you Audrey Urbz and Joy Haqq for your basket and spirit)

We are unwinding in wonderful magical ways with cocoa spa time. With (About Cacoa )products that were shared with us from a parent. Freaking amazing!!! I recommend them all as my skin feels like a dream. Rough love body scrub, love grows body mask and love body butter.

Relaquarium had the most gorgeous stage I have ever seen. Rising up, level after level. Beyond magical with all that time, attention and detail. Beyond amazing
I never know how things will work out. I just have faith and it does…

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