Franklin County fair

When I say the Franklin County fair was A wild ride talk um talking about mother nature. A storm came in one Fail sweep on thursday. No worrying just a big huge crash. I just got done filling sandbags, Got the big twisting stakes in the ground in batend down the hatches. I was putting on the side.
When a gust of wind came with a loud crash. Oliver demo stuff microwave, shelves, and Our ornaments knocked over. I ran to go look, and there was a wall of dirt coming at me that you can see behind. I ran to go look, and there was a wall of dirt coming at me that you couldn’t behind coming at me. That was already set up all the pottery laying on the tables. I’ve missed my finished pieces here. I got to the center of the tent my legs around the poles and hung there until help arrived. The 10×20 tarp flapping in the wind around the pottery glistening on the table, I was screaming. 2 older gentlemen came first ohhing and awning as I am running between gusts putting pieces in random boxes. I have no time for the sheer terror Of the moment but eventually the pirate and the mermaid, Fair staff, jo From fishing game, The marines and Legos came to save me. We packed it all up and through it in Joe’s truck, and mine. By some miracle our unfinished Ornaments took the biggest hit and Bits and pieces of flowers and mushrooms. And a cup. Grateful sari wasn’t there. I can’t even imagine.. we made the most of the rest of the weekend. We will need volunteer ornament makers!!

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