Manifesting dreams

Where do you even begin, it all starts with one thought gone wild. A quiet whispering in the wind allowed to sing through the synapsis in your brain. A notion that escapes the ethers and enters your reality unrelenting and deserving of your time, efforts and energy.

I build this dreamscape as it becomes my reality. Landscapes that fulfill my wishes. Even if its not quite perfect it deserves to grow and thrive like a child in world full of caring adults. The plan keeps growing, becoming more then I could ever imagine. Inspired by goals we keep moving forward. Small projects that lead into the greater whole.

A beautiful team of incredibly talented Woman stands on the board. It definitely gives me the ammunition to keep pulling forward. Somedays I need a reason to move forward, to make that one move a day that is going to keep us evolving towards our goals especially in these times of transitions. I thought about giving up so many times but pushed forward anyways. It is a blessing and a curse to be motivated by something bigger than you. Some niche that feels like only you can fill. I want to make art accessible to everyone. I don’t want people to feel like getting their hands dirty in pottery, art or gardening is impossible because they are a single parent. Having fought my way through so many barriers to get to where I am I cleared a path. I am going to keep clearing that path so families can come and play. There are so many complex things in this world we need to simplify whatever we can so we can clear out our bucket list and live the life we dream of.

I am also so excited to announce we have two students full time this summer helping with the odds and ends of our growing non profit. It is going to be so much fun!!! Not only will we find empowering opportunities but I am looking forward too growing and expanding our abilities and fundraising.

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