Process of creativity

Sometimes the best projects take lots of hands, a lifetime of learning and unlimited amounts of energy. This tile project was developed from a summer of processing the clay from the house I grew up in on the land I gardened in on the space that was about to hold the pool. A dozen kids helped shovel, mix, poor, strain, crumble roll, design and glaze.

Learning to process clay was quite the hands on experience. Invaluable amounts of digesting information in order to make them stable enough to turn into something that holds shape. Blind faith in the process that takes you from dirt and water to something tangible you are driving across the country to present to your 21 year old son the new home owner in Indiana for his birthday.

It felt like a mission of no other variety to compare to. He decided to put them on a table with the idea he could take them wherever he went. 21 years ago exactly we arrived in Indiana I was 8 1/2 months pregnant and we put a tile floor in mama and papi’s kitchen that is still there willfully been the base of the homemade kitchen that fed lots of family lots of meals over the years.

Learning this everlasting trade of making things and stuff from the earth that will likely remain long after i am gone has been intriguing for as long as I can remember. The ability to make something that has purpose, art and a history as old as language is empowering. There is a deep sense of connection that unfolds with every traditional piece I make. Knowing that a pot or a tile will be passed from generation to generation or personalize a home gives me a feeling of accomplishment to the point where becoming a potter is like an addiction, fighting off the drama of the world through creativity.

Here the tiles are all unique like a patchwork quilt using metal glazes. We can make anything now and personalize any space. Contact us for more details. Below are some of the makers and shakers who made it all possible

love and light in all of creativity

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