REST IN PARADISE DARLIN. This book, these words are dedicated to you divine woman. Sweet and soulful the world was an open playground for you to explore between veils. You embodied evolutionary spirits energy above and beyond with every phenomenal insight you shared, every word you spoke and every poem you wrote. So blessed for our time together. You brought me piece of mind like no one else could mystical enchantress of the night.  I hope your heart and soul were set free from any pain and suffering as you dance with the dead.


A beacon of light in the darkness, you guided us, everyone you came into contact with through a storms. As a philanthropist you inspired, encouraged and helped us live our best life. Through your understanding and grace I found a forever friend, the most down to earth woman I have ever talked too.

Lost but not forgotten. You said what no one else could to bring me piece of mind that rocked me to the core.



This is not the time for self pity

And chocolate hearts.

This is not the time to stuff your mind

With regret and empty tombs, with false starts and broken promises.

Not the time to let yourself go backward,

Second guess your decisions, or to sink like the sunset.

This is not the time to get angry at the stars.


This is the time to rise like you’ve never risen before-

To lift yourself above the shit that stirs beneath you,

To understand this is not part of your truth.

This is the time to shed old skin,

And emerge like the brilliant light that you are

And have always been.


THIS is the time to love like you’ve never loved before,

And to take the whole world, like a lost child, in.






I forgot something in Spring-

To honor the Earth and the Moon,

To let a certain love jump off the edge of hope.

I forgot the ethereal blossoms of magnolia,

The fresh quiver and green of new leaves,

How to sidestep tiny lakes on a sidewalk.


Nothing is real that has happened,

The embryonic memories now stillborn-

The cowardice of a man in love,

The world being drowned by wayward desire.

Nothing is real.


I forgot something in Spring-

I forgot how to resurrect myself,

How to forgive mythology,

And when to shut my heart down at closing time.


Brother, nothing is real.

I ate faith and made magic my shadow,

A long train of prayer preceded me.

But never did that majestic world,

And those brilliant possibilities

Accept me.





              For Elisa Graff


And now, this time of blue stars

And divine wisdom

Will carry you forward,

Even in the midst of muddy circumstances

And doubting thorns.


It is this wide indigo sky

That falls through you,

Leaving small chapels in its wake-

And these sacred places inside your being

Will call to you at odd hours, in tight places,

And you will go, genuflect,

And praise the miracles that you have made.


This is the season of

Wrapping your mind around the roots,

The birth, the eternal Star

That you are

And have always been.







Walking in two worlds

We come to a fork in the road.

Symbols floating

On which way would be easier-

But you chose the hard way,

The rocky terrain providing

And uphill battle,

The avenue that is littered with sorrow

And regret, and empty bottles.

You chose the path of most resistance.


Because you were curious,

Because you longed to discover what was

Hidden in the dark,

Because it seemed so much more interesting

Than just sailing toward a sunset, unfettered.


You chose the difficult road

Because you’d already experienced

Easy streets,

And you were ready to tangle with

Adversity, challenges, and the boogey men

You were scared of back when.


You chose to live, fully, with your whole heart,

Hanging on for mercy

And trusting that faith would have your back,

Would stand by you through it all-

And you knew, most of all


You would Grow.





“In your eyes of mourning the land of dreams begins”

–     Pablo Neruda


And all the colors deepen

To jewel like tones.

Diamonds fall from your eyes.

Rubies emerge from your wounds.


And in these dreams where the dead dance

And the living are lifeless,

You realize that all is one,

And the soul of things is a simple knowing.


There are the tigers in your backyard,

And the mansion you always got lost in,

The schoolroom that was out of touch.

Everything is you, dimensions of you

In your grief, in your joy,

In your aspirations-


This is the dichotomy of our beings.


Now to traverse the thin wire

Between this world

And the next

Without falling into disbelief.





Inside, the heart

Can be wrought with thunder.

Lightning can split you in two,

But the light from a storm

Brings healing and rebirth.

Do not fear the turbulence that appears in your life,

It is only a catalyst

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