Every once and awhile you get something right. You know it. You feel it right from the tip of your toes to the top of your head. A fuck yes whisper or shout that vibrates every part of you. This was one of those pieces for me. Its really hard to get a lump of clay to this point. A million things can go wrong or, it can turn into a million pieces. Often there is no rhyme or reason but the smallest unseen detail that explodes like a lesson learned. This time, a perfect sized plate. I started learning how to paint on ceramics. Its a whole other ball game. From underglazes and watercolor underglazes to glazes. The movement that happens from these droplets remind me of the blood coursing through our veins This is a one of a kind piece made with infused reiki,  love and full moon water by Michelle Crowningshield sacredholisticarts@instagram tribal_gypsy@facebook

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