Poetry and art contest

We are opening up our contest for writers and artist for our 2023 anthology for Sacred Holistic arts 2nd book. Our first was such a success full of amazing arts we are excited to do it again!!! Please send up too 10 poems and 10 pictures of art to by August 8, 2022 to be considered for our upcoming anthology. Sacred Holistic Arts anthology

July 5, 2022

Tree of Life medium sized plate Every once and awhile you get something right. You know it. You feel it right from the tip of your toes to the top of your head. A fuck yes whisper or shout that vibrates every part of you. This was one of those pieces for me. Its really hard to get a lump of clay to this point. A million things can go wrong or, it can turn into a million pieces. Often there is no rhyme or reason but the smallest unseen detail that explodes like a lesson learned. This time, a perfect sized plate. I started...

August 29, 2021

Best practices for a potter (auctioning timeless smoking tea pot)

I love to make pots Getting the value for my time and money has been the challenge. So i am trying ebay. One of my favorite potters uses this and gets fantastic results. Fingers crossed. I would love to be able to turn this non profit into sustainable living by doing what i love. I would love even more to raise my family by doing what sets my soul free to create

August 24, 2021